Major release features and capabilities include:

◼ Response Variations Enabled in Response Elements

When using a Response Element in an Intent Flow, you can now provide multiple alternate texts. This makes it possible to create simple variations on the same answer, responding to a user in a more natural way.

Variation texts can be displayed to a user in the order you create them or randomly.

For more information, click here.


◼ New Interact Flow Type: Data Flows

With the current release, we introduce Data Flows, a Flow type that simplifies real-time access to data from outside of Interact – for example by other applications or via back-office activities.

A Data Flow ends with a Return Data Element that passes information back to the outside requester.

You can also add Sub-Flows inside a Data Flow, enabling you to perform real-time processing using additional Interact capabilities, as needed.

Data Flows are currently invoked using a dedicated API call.

For detailed information, see Creating a Data Flow.