Jacada's RPA Monitor provides four different viewing modes to assist you in analyzing and understanding RPA activities: Methods, Services, Calls and the default Bots view.


Viewing Methods in the RPA Monitor

Note: For more information about the RPA Monitor page, see the RPA Monitoring Overview.

The Methods view displays historical activity grouped by RPA Method, as shown above.

Each Method in the view is presented alongside its key information in a grid. You can click on different columns to change the sort order of the information displayed:

Item Description
Service Name The names of all Services in the selected time range.
Method Name The names of all Methods in the selected time range.
Calls The total number of calls that the Method received in the selected time range.
Errors The total number of erroneous method calls that have been reported by the Method in the selected time range.
Avg Queue The average length of time that the Method waited for a requested Bot to become available for use.
Avg Time The average execution time required for a Call by a Bot using the Method.


Applying Quick Filters to the Methods View

When needed (for example, when the Methods list is long) you can create a Quick Filter that shows the activities associated with only a single Method:

Clicking on an element name (or on the filter icon that appears when you hover over a an element) adds it to a Quick Filter at the top of the Monitor page and removes all non-matching Methods from the view.

With the filter applied, you can switch between views in the RPA Monitor to see information about all the RPA elements that are related to the selected Method.

Note: Applying a Quick Filter will update data in all views of the RPA Monitor.

To release an active filter, click on the X at its right side. Adding or releasing a filter does not affect the column sort orders or history selections you have previously made.