Major release features and capabilities include:


◼ Enhancements to Dynamic Variables

We've added the following functionality to Dynamic Variables:



◼ Enhancement to Dynamic Choice Menus

You can now create dynamic choice menus that are based on collections of custom types from within a Choices element:

The enhancement enables you to create both single selection (e.g., radio button) as well as multiple selection choice menus from a custom type collection. For a single selection menu, you simply specify which custom type field will be used for the menu display.

Note: In previous Interact versions, similar multi-selection menu functionality was implemented using a separate Multiple Selection Page element. This element has been removed from the Page editor, however all Flows that use the deprecated element remain fully functional.

For more details, see Dynamic Choices: Creating Selections Using Collections.


◼ Intelligent Assistant: Added NLP Engine Callback Element

The new Back to NLP Engine element provides a way for an IA Intent Flow to return an active conversation to the NLP Engine, together with a predefined text message.

The callback message can use variables to provide realtime values to the NLP Engine, and you can use multiple Back to NLP Engine elements in a Flow.

For more details, see Using a NLP Engine Callback.