Many modern IVRs have specific keys which are announced to the user at the beginning of the call, but are not announced at each step. For example: 'Press *9 at anytime during a step to return to the Main menu'.

Since there is no such prompt at each step, you can’t translate the given prompt in order to display a 'Main Menu' button. Similarly, there are often input screens for which you are unable to display a button. For all of these generic options, you can use the Generic Menu feature.

To use the Generic Menu, create a file called GenericMenu.xml in your project directory. It will be read in order to define the list of generic menu commands. For example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<GenericMenu grammarValidation="true">
    <item dtmf="*9">Main Menu</item>
    <item dtmf="*1">Change Account</item>

This definition displays a Menu Button on the screen which will in turn show the options available when it is pressed. For example, when the Menu Button is pressed using the example above, the user will see two options: “Main Menu” and “Change Account”.

If grammarValidation is set to True, the Generic Menu list will be filtered based on the current Grammar options. Should a specific menu item not appear in the Grammars, it will not be displayed in the generic menu. In this way, you can add many possible menu options and let the product do the filtering for you.