Issues that have been resolved for Jacada Interact v9.5 are listed and described in the following table.

Bug ID Fix Description Ticket ID Resolved
in Release
IS-16003 Fixed unwanted changes to Choice element contents following conversion from legacy designer. See also: Bug IS-15831. 10380 9.5.3
IS-15909 Fixed loss of Custom Type object values when the Back button is used in an Integration Point. 10390 9.5.3
IS-15907 Fixed object data loss when multiple jumps are made using Navigation Button. 10389 9.5.3
IS-15862 Fixed Decision Point creation failure when Choice element label name contains a period character. 10391 9.5.3
IS-15853 Fixed Raw reports execution failure if the Header from an Interaction has been deleted. 10360 9.5.3
IS-15840 Fixed intermittent 'Sort exceeded memory limit' error when a large date range is selected. 10367 9.5.3
IS-15831 Fixed missing Choice element label issue following conversion from legacy designer. 10380 9.5.3
IS-15827 Fixed failure that occurs when an empty Collection is used as a source for a Dynamic Choice. 10370 9.5.3
IS-15826 Changed text displayed on Reset Password page for users with Agent role. 10372 9.5.3
IS-15704 Changed default Call Now setting to "Direct Dial" instead of "Direct Dial with DTMF" for new accounts. 10329 9.5.2
IS-15703 Fixed excessive display lag time when updating a Paragraph element on some Interaction pages. 10337 9.5.3
IS-15650 Fixed missing theme elements for new Agents in some accounts. 10304 9.5.3
IS-15562 Fixed inability to add Query to Raw reports when the account uses a Dynamic variable type. 10278 9.5.3
IS-15499 Fixed Choice problem that occurs in trial accounts when running 'Tech Support' sample Interaction Flow. 10274 9.5.3
IS-15544 Fixed incorrect value display that sometimes occurs when a variable is used in a default value on a Page. 10273 9.5.2
IS-15046 Fixed Integration Point runtime error when mapping a response to number/currency variable that uses a symbol. 10246 9.5
IS-15017 Fixed failure to substitute URL hyperlink in Email elements. 10237 9.5.3
IS-14995 Updated Admin Console documentation referral links to point to web-based Designer. 10249 9.5.2
IS-14954 Fixed inconsistent behavior on current step highlighting while running some Interactions in the simulator. 10238 9.5.3
IS-14889 Fixed unintended variable overwrite when using an Input Question reference as the Start element of a Sub-interaction. 10179 9.5.3
IS-14887 Added Mongo driver NPM package to custom IP list in Phobos. 10227 9.5.3
IS-14820 Fixed missing option to allocate single item from Custom Type to single variable. N/A 9.5.3