Major release features and capabilities include:


◼ HTML Forms in Intelligent Assistant Intent Flows

You can now add an HTML-based Form to Intent Flows in the Intelligent Assistant (IA). The Form Element is displayed to the user during a chatbot conversation and can contain input questions, choices and most other Interact elements, as well as data used in the Flow and variables.

Adding a Form is especially useful when the Flow drives complex or sensitive processes, like making payments or user authentication. Forms provide an easy mechanism for formatting user requests and validating their answers, and also provide better security. In addition, forms can be designed exactly as you need them using Interact, resulting in a more consistent, more intuitive user experience.

For more details, see Adding and Editing a Form Element.


◼ Dynamic Variables in Integration Points

Interact Integration Points now fully support the use of Dynamic Variables.

Because web service data formats like SOAP and REST are returned in structured form, it's often useful to map the web service response to a JSON object. The Dynamic Variable is designed for this purpose, as it stores only JSON objects.

Interact Integration Points enable you to easily examine the JSON object stored in a Dynamic Variable and assign any of its data member to other relevant Interact variables, as needed.

For more details, refer to: