Creating a Funnel report involves the following processes:

  • Defining Report Metadata: Specifying the report name, the Interaction to be analyzed, and optional notes about the report.
  • Adding Report Phases: Selecting the Interaction steps that make up the flow to be analyzed.

Note: A new report may be saved after specifying metadata only. However, it may not be run until at least two Report Phases are defined.

Defining Funnel Report Metadata

The first step in creating a new Funnel report is defining report metadata. This includes assigning a unique name for the report and indicating the report type: Campaign or Interaction

To define metadata for a new Funnel report:

  1. Go to the the Reports page in the Admin Console.
  2. At the upper right corner of the Reports page, select Add > Funnel Report.

    The New Funnel Report page opens.

  3. In the Report Name field, enter an appropriate name for the report. The report name must be unique (i.e., not used by any other report).
  4. If desired, in the Report Description field, enter relevant notes or comments about the report.
  5. Indicate the report type by selecting the Campaign or the Interaction radio button.
    The title of the dropdown list below the radio buttons changes according to your selection.
  6. From the Campaigns or Interactions dropdown list, select the campaign or Interaction to be analyzed.

  7. Click Save.
    Report metadata is saved, and the Report Phases frame opens. For more information, refer to Adding Report Phases (below).

Adding Report Phases

Report Phases are the steps that make up the specified flow of a Funnel report. All Funnel reports have one or more out-of-the-box Phases that must be included in the report: 

  • Interaction type reports: The out-of-the-box Started Interaction Phase is always the first Report Phase.

  • Campaign type reports: Include three out-of-the-box Phases in addition to the Started Interaction Phase. For more information about these Phases, refer to Campaign Funnel Reports

Note: The out-of-the-box Phases cannot be deleted, and their order cannot be changed. However, you may change the names and descriptions of these Phases. For details, refer to Updating Funnel Report Parameters.

To be able to run a Funnel report, you need to add at least two Report Phases after the Started Interaction Phase. Use the following procedure to add a Report Phase.  

To add a Report Phase:

  1. At the bottom of the Report Phases frame, click .
    The Add Phase frame opens. 

  2. In the Phase Name field, enter an appropriate name for the Phase.
  3. If desired, in the Phase Description field, enter relevant notes or comments about the Phase.
  4. From the Phase Type dropdown list, select Page. Then, from the dropdown list on the right, select the required page.

    If the Interaction you are analyzing contains Sub-interactions or Navigation Button activities which reference other Interactions, they will automatically appear the dropdown list that is displayed on the right.

    You may filter the list by entering the name (or part of the name) of the page at the top of the dropdown list. For example: 

  5. Click Save.
    The new Phase is added to the list of Report Phases.

  6. To create additional Phases, repeat Steps 1-5. You may add up to 15 Phases.
  7. When you have completed adding Phases to the report, click Save.

    Note: It's best practice to click Save only after you have completed adding all Phases. Background report data processing will occur each time you click Save that may be time-consuming.

To run the Funnel Report you have saved, refer to Running Funnel Reports in the article Running Reports.