After running a Funnel report, the report is displayed on a new page of the Admin Console. This article describes the Funnel report presentation and explains how to save a Funnel report in CSV format:

Understanding Funnel Reports

A Funnel report summarizes how many users started an Interaction and then followed a specific flow within that Interaction. The following diagram shows a sample Funnel report. The different features of the report are explained in the table below the figure.

Number Feature Description
1 Report name Name of the report, as defined in the report metadata
2 Date range The selected timeframe for the report. Clicking  opens a calendar popup for selecting a new timeframe. For more information, refer to Running Funnel Reports.
3 Back button Redirects to the Report Details page of the relevant report. 
4 Export button Saves the report in CSV format. For more information, refer to Exporting Funnel Reports (below).
5 Report Phases Lists the Phases of the Funnel report. Clicking  opens a frame showing additional details about the relevant Phase. For more information, refer to Viewing Report Phase Details (below). 
6 Raw number of visitors This column shows the actual number of customers who completed each Phase of the Funnel report. 
7 Overall completion rate The percentage of customers who completed each Phase. The percentage is calculated based on the total number of customers who entered the Funnel.  
8 Abandon rate  The percentage of customers who abandoned the Interaction at a particular Phase. The percentage is calculated based on the total number of customers who entered the Funnel. 

Viewing Report Phase Details

Clicking the  icon of a Report Phase expands the relevant row and displays the name of the page selected for the Phase. Hovering the mouse over a row displays information about the abandon rate for that Phase.

Exporting Funnel Reports 

The Export function enables you to save data of a Funnel report to a CSV file. By default, the CSV file is named Funnel report - <report name> for <date range or filter>.csv. For example, Funnel report - Self Service Containment report for 08-10-2016 to 14-10-2016.csv.

To export a Funnel report:

  1. Run the relevant Funnel report. (For details, refer to Running Funnel Reports.) 
    Report results are displayed in the Admin Console.
  2. At the upper right corner of the report, click Export.
    The data is exported to file.
  3. After the download is complete, access the CSV file from your Downloads folder.
    The following figure shows an example of exported Funnel report data.