After running an Aggregated Report, the Aggregated Report page opens. This page shows results for a selected Aggregated report that is run. If the report contains more than one query, each query is presented in a separate graph. The name of the report is displayed at the top of each graph.

Note: Aggregated report results can be viewed in the Admin Console only. Results may not be exported.

The Aggregated Report page below displays results in a column chart type. 


The following example displays the same results in a line chart:

The next example shows how results are displayed in a bar chart:

The following figure displays the same results in a line chart: 

The last example shows how results appear in a pie chart display format. Note that the average visit time is expressed in hours:minutes:seconds (in this case, 10 seconds).

Understanding Percentage Displays

When an Aggregated Report Visit Count query includes the Display percentage of total option, the tooltip that appears when hovering over each Interaction element shows both the total number of visits to the page, and the percentage of visits to that page relative to the total number of started Interactions. For instance, if there are 10 Interaction runs and the page was visited 5 times, the number of visits is 5 and the percentage is 50%.

When viewing percentage displays, remember that the percentage shown is always calculated based on total number of Interaction runs. In the event that visits to a specific page exceed total Interaction runs, the percentage will be more than 100%. This can happen when a user returns to a page (by pressing Back), or if a page is part of a loop in which the same element is visited more than once.

In the example below showing visits to Statement 1, the Interaction was begun eight times (started interactions), but the Statement 1 page was visited 11 times. The percentage is therefore 137% (11 visits divided by 8 Interaction instances).