A Funnel report helps you analyze Interaction use by showing how many users started an Interaction and then followed a specific flow within that Interaction. The report also tells you the percentage of users who abandoned the Interaction.

Each step included in the specified flow of a Funnel report is called a Report Phase. When you build the report, you define which Interaction steps make up the Phases to be analyzed. In the event that the Interaction is sent to customers via an SMS campaign, you can choose to include predefined campaign statistics (e.g., how many customers who received the SMS opened the link) in the report. 

Note: To collect campaign statistics, you need to use the Carrier Lookup API. For details, click here.

This article explains the two types of Funnel reports, and provides an example of each type:

Interaction Funnel Reports

This type of Funnel report shows how many users started a given Interaction and what percentage of them completed a specific navigation path within the Interaction. As an example, consider the following simple Interaction. We would like to know how many customers who started the Interaction chose the color Green

The Funnel report that is generated could look similar to the figure below. Five customers started the Interaction. Of these five, three customers (or 60%) selected the color Green.

The percentage statistic on the far right side of the Funnel represents the abandon rate. In this example, none of the five customers abandoned the Interaction, so there is a 0% abandon rate. 

Note: To produce an Interaction Funnel Report on historic data collected prior to October 2016, please contact your support representative.

For details on how to build a Funnel report, refer to Creating Funnel Reports. For more information about viewing report results, refer to Viewing Funnel Reports.

Campaign Funnel Reports

This type of report is similar to an Interaction Funnel report, but in addition it contains Report Phases involving statistics related to the SMS campaign associated with the Interaction. The following Report Phases are automatically included in a Campaign type Funnel report: 

  • Lookup: The number of customer phone numbers checked by the Carrier Lookup API. (This method checks whether the phone is a landline or a mobile device.)
  • SMS Sent: The number of SMS campaigns sent to customers. (The SMS is sent to all customers who have a mobile device.)
  • SMS Clicked: The number of customers who opened the SMS that was sent to them. 
  • Started Interaction: The number of customers who launched the Interaction by clicking the link in the SMS.

Data collected prior to the introduction of Campaign Funnel Reports in mid-2016 is not available for campaign analysis, since it does not contain campaign information.

In the following example of a Campaign type Funnel report, one customer received an SMS, and that customer launched the Interaction and navigated to both page 1 (p1) and page 2 (p2) of the Interaction. 

Note: In the event that the same customer launched the Interaction more than once, only the first instance is used in Funnel report results. 

For details on how to build a Funnel report, refer to Creating Funnel Reports. For more information about viewing report results, refer to Viewing Funnel Reports.