Once Multi Environment functionality is activated by your System Administrator, you will notice several changes in the Jacada Interact Admin Console. This article provides an overview of the features unique to Multi Environment accounts.

Note: Multi Environment accounts are currently supported only in the Web Designer.

  • Environment Selection Dropdown. This dropdown menu in the upper left corner of the Admin Console lets users with roles of Interaction Admin or higher easily switch between environments. Upon initial login to the Admin Console, the DEV environment is presented by default. For extra security, you need to provide your password again in order to access the PROD environment.

    For more details about the different environments, refer to The Multi Environment Setup.
    Note: Jacada Interact supports access restriction to the PROD environment for some users. If you are unable to access the PROD environment, contact your supervisor.
  • Environments Page. This Settings sub-menu appears in place of the Deployment Wizard sub-menu of Single Environment accounts. In addition to providing access to the Deployment Wizard, the Environments page lists the names and types of all defined environments for the account.
  • Environment Variables. An Environment variable is a system variable whose value is set according to the current environment. They are available only in Multi Environment accounts.  For more information about environment variables and how to work with them, refer to Using Environment Variables.
  • Multi Environment Deployment Wizard. The Deployment Wizard lets you copy resources from one environment to another. You may also save resources to a .zip file for backup purposes or for transferring resources between accounts.  For more information about using the Multi Environment Deployment Wizard, refer to Performing Deployment in the Multi Environment Setting.
  • Snapshot History Page. This page lists all snapshots of the environment prior to the current deployment. When needed, an Account Administrator can perform a rollback to a selected snapshot for an environment. For more information about the Snapshot History page, refer to Managing Snapshots and Rollbacks.