Every new web-based Interact account features Jacada's Multi Environment capability, which enables a single account to support three separate and distinct operating environments.

Multiple environments allow you to develop, test and manage your flows and applications continuously and with high efficiency. For example, you can continue to develop new features while you independently test a prior release, and without interfering with your production environment. Similarly, in the event that production defects are discovered, they can be researched and fixed in a separate testing environment without interfering with new work that is currently being performed in the development environment.

The three out-of-the-box environments provided for Multi Environment accounts are:

  • DEV: A dedicated environment for development. All new Interactions are automatically published to this environment.
  • TEST: A dedicated environment for testing. TEST mode can simulate either the PROD environment (for testing of new features in a production-like setting) or the DEV environment (for fixes of production defects).
  • PROD: The production environment. Interactions and their resources may not be edited.

Each environment maintains its own dedicated set of Applications, Interactions and Resources. An easy to use Deployment Wizard lets you quickly transfer resources between environments. To streamline development and take full advantage of all the flexibility of multiple environments, you can also create a set of environment-based variables whose values change according to the current operating environment.

For detailed information about how to work with Interact's Multi Environment features, refer to the following articles: