In large or complex Flows, it can be difficult to keep track of all your elements and to find a specific page on the Flow Map.

The Elements tab of the Solution Explorer provides a list of all the components of a Flow, which can be quickly searched or filtered to locate a selected component.


The Elements tab displays elements in alphabetical order. The symbol to the left of an element name indicates its type (e.g., page, Decision Point, Collection, etc.).

Selecting an Element to Locate

Clicking on a component in the Elements list will go to that component on the Flow Map and highlight it, as shown below:

From the Flow Map, you can open the highlighted component for viewing and editing, if desired.

If a page component contains one or more input questions of type Short Text, Number or Date, the relevant questions will also appear under the page in the Element list. If you click on a question, the Variable Editor window will be displayed so that you can view and update its properties, if desired.

Searching and Filtering Elements

At the top of the list, the Elements tab also provides the following functions:

  • The Search field enables you to quickly locate a one or more items by entering a few letters from its name.
  • The Filter icon enables you to quickly reduce the items shown in order to find those components that match a specified type.

    Simply click the Filter icon and select the checkboxes next to one or more Element types that you wish to see, then click Done. (By default all checkboxes are selected when you first open the Filter.)
    Note: Any Filter that you specify is retained until you remove it.