Jacada Interact is based on the following foundation tools:

  • Web Designer: The application in which Designers and Admins create and test workflows. Completed Flows are published to the Interact Server for secured, shared use with other Designers and for use in Production.
  • Interact Server: A web server that functions as a management tool and web service for running and administration of Flows and client applications. It supports running, editing, managing and reporting for each Interact component.
  • Interact Admin Console: This is the central management platform of the system. From the Console, users with administrative privileges can manage the account and configure all resources.
  • Jacada Interact Clients: The applications utilized by end users to run Flows, for instance:
    • Agent Application: Designed for call center agents, who use the workflows while interacting with customers.
    • Mobile Web: Designed for customers accessing self service guided flows using their mobile devices.
    • Web Self Service: Designed for customers accessing self service guided flows using a browser.
    • Agent Assistant: Designed to support Agent activities with Natural Language Processing (NLP) engines.
    • Customer Assistant: Designed to support Customer requests to Natural Language Processing (NLP) engines.
  • Jacada Reporting: A comprehensive reporting facility for both runtime and post-process analysis of Interact activities and statistics.
  • Jacada API: A set of application programming interface elements that provide secure access to key functions of the Interact Server.
  • Add-On Tools: Jacada's Intelligent Assistant (IA), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and other components.