You can continuously monitor your license usage by displaying a list of all active Agent sessions.

This list can be refreshed at any time and includes information about:

  • who is using a license
  • when the session began
  • which Flows are being worked on

When needed, you can free up licenses by terminating selected sessions.


Note: The Active Agents page is available to users with roles of Account Admin and higher. For more information about user roles, click here.

Viewing Historical Usage

The usage graph near the top of the Active Agents page displays information about historical usage, enabling a quick view of license usage trends over the past 30 days: 

  • Current: The number of licenses currently being used, compared to the total number of licenses available for your account.
  • Daily Average: The average number of maximum concurrent sessions in a day, over the past 30 days.
  • Daily Max: The highest number of concurrent sessions in a single day, over the past 30 days.

Understanding the Active Agents Grid

The Active Agents grid is accessed from the Account menu, by selecting Active Agents. It provides the following information: 

Column Description
Agent Id The username of the Agent logged into the Agent Application. If the user is not logged in, Guest is displayed.
Session Start A timestamp showing when the session began, according to the timezone specified in your account information settings.
Open Interactions The names of the Interactions that are open in the browser(s).
Number of Open Interactions Total number of Interaction instances that are open. If more than one instance of an Interaction is open, this number will be greater than the number of Interactions listed in the Open Interactions column.

The grid can be sorted according to any column except Open Interactions. To update the grid with the latest data from the server, click the Refresh icon at the upper right corner of the page.

If there are no active sessions, the message "There are currently no Agents connected." is displayed.

Terminating Sessions

A session remains open and displayed in the Active Agents grid until its session timeout limit is reached, even if an Agent is no longer actively working on it.  The Terminate Session feature allows you to immediately close one or more selected session, at your discretion.

To terminate an active session:

  1. At the left side of the Active Agents grid, select the checkboxes in next to the sessions that you want to terminate. The Terminate Session button (at the upper right corner of the page) is enabled.

  2. Click Terminate Session. A confirmation message is displayed, and the selected sessions are closed.

    When an Agent whose session has been closed attempts to navigate through an Interaction, the following message is displayed: