A Resource is a customized piece of plain or formatted text that is reserved for use in a specific Interaction. Resources are useful in Interactions that have recurring or similar patterns in many different branches of its flow. 

Here are some cases where it is helpful to create and use Resources:

  • You need canned text for the content of email notifications 
  • You need to present a warning (or other type of notification) to customers at different points in your flow
  • There is an image or a video that you want to use in multiple places in the Interaction

In this article, we'll cover:

  • The Resources List
  • Creating and Managing Resources
  • Using Resources in an Interaction

Get to Know the Resources List 

Resources that have been created for an Interaction are listed in the Solution Explorer under the Resources tab. 

You can filter a long Resources list by entering an appropriate search term in the Search a resource field. The search term can be part of either the name or the content of the Resource you are looking for. 

Add Resources  

Since Resources generally serve organization-specific needs, Interactions do not come with any predefined Resources. By default, the Resources list is empty. 

To create a new Resource:

  1. From the Resources tab of the Solution Explorer, click .
    The Resource Editor opens.

  2. In the Resource Name field, enter a relevant name for the Resource.
  3. Select the HTML or Plain text radio button. (No formatting options are available when you select Plain text.)
  4. In the body of the Editor, enter the required text. If you have selected HTML, format your text and add variables, uploaded photos, images/media, links, and styles as required. For more information, refer to Paragraphs: Show Information to Your Customers.
  5. Click Save Resource.
    The Resource Editor closes, and the new Resource is added to the Resources list.

Manage Your Resources   

The icons at the right side of the Resources list let you manage existing Resources.

Clicking  opens the Resource Editor for the selected Resource so you can make necessary updates to the Resource.  

Clicking  removes the Resource from the Resources list. Resources that are currently being used in the Interaction cannot be deleted.

Use Resources in Your Interaction 

Once Resources are created, they are included in the Variables list and are indicated by the symbol . To use a Resource in an Interaction step, enter @ in the relevant place in the step's Editor to open the Variables list, and then select the required Resource from the list. In the following example, a Resource is being inserted into a Paragraph element: 

Keep in mind that only the name of the selected Resource will appear in the element Editor. The full content of the Resource is displayed only in runtime.