In addition to testing your Interaction Flow by running it in the simulator, you may also want to review the Flow while it is running in an actual mobile or web application. The Designer's Share command generates a direct link to your Flow that lets you open it in a specific Interact Application.

You can share both published Flows and Flows that are still in draft status.

Use sharing to:

  • See how the Interaction Flow looks in a specific client (e.g., paste the link into your browser, or include it in a text message so you can open the link on your mobile device)
  • Send the Interaction Flow to your colleagues for demo and review purposes
  • Help debug the Interaction Flow

Note: Before you generate the link, you and your colleagues should be ready to start work. The link is accessible for only a short period of time (generally about 30 minutes).

Sharing a Link to Your Interaction Flow

  1. From the main toolbar, click Share. The Share Interaction popup is displayed.

  2. From the dropdown list, select the desired Application. A URL is generated.
  3. Click Copy. A confirmation message is displayed, and the URL is copied to your clipboard.
  4. Share this link as needed.

Note: The Flows page of the Admin Console provides sharing with additional security controls, as well as the ability to generate a custom embed code. For details click here.