The Solution Explorer pane lets you view and manage Variables and Variable Sets, and add User variables. It also lists all the elements used in your Interaction, and displays all Resources defined for the Interaction. Auto complete search functionality lets you easily filter the VariablesElements and Resources lists so you can quickly find the component you need. 

This article shows you how to open the Solution Explorer and describes its different tabs. 

Opening the Solution Explorer

Chose one of the following methods:

  • From the Interaction map toolbar, click , or
  • From the right-side of the screen, click .
    The Solution Explorer opens.

When open, the Solution Explorer appears on the right side of the screen in the Analysis area, with the Variables tab displayed by default.


Variables Tab

The Variables tab (shown above) displays all available system variables as well as the user variables used in the Interaction. Types of variables are listed in the table:

Icon Description
  User - Variables created for this Interaction, using the Interaction Designer. (For more information, refer to Creating User Variables.) 
  System - Variables created in the Admin Console. For more information, refer to System Variables and Read-Only Variables.
Environment - A special type of system variables available in Multi Environment accounts only. For more information, refer to Using Environment Variables.
Text type variable
Number type variable
Date type variable
Boolean type variable
Collection type variable

The Filter tool  lets you find variables quickly by filtering the list according to the required variable type. The following example shows the Variables list filtered for User variables of text and number types only.



Elements Tab

The Elements tab lists Interaction pages with their input elements and navigation logic steps. Selecting a component in the list highlights that component on the Interaction map, so you can easily see its position in the Interaction. For example:

Element types are listed in the table:

Icon Description
Integration Point
  Input Elements:
Collection display
  Multiple selection

The Filter tool  lets you find an element quickly by filtering the list according to the required element type. 


Resources Tab

The Resources tab lists all customized pieces of text that have been defined for use in the Interaction. For more information about Resources, refer to Resources: Create Reusable Text Snippets.


Variable Sets Tab

A Variable Set is a special group of variables that can be exposed to customer service representatives through an API. The Variable Sets tab lists out-of-the-box Variable Sets, as well as any additional Variable Sets that you create. For more information, refer to Working with Variable Sets.