Most Flows contain multiple variable types. The input for these variables can come from many different sources, such as data from user input, responses from Integration Points, or results of internal calculations in the Flow.

Certain variable types can be displayed in different formats, for example:

  • A number can be displayed with or without a decimal point
  • A date can be shown in a format that uses words (e.g., May, June) as well as numbers
  • A number representing an amount of currency can be displayed together with its currency symbol

The Format feature lets you define the formatting required.

Note: When special formatting is defined for a data type, the specified formatting appears only when the variable is displayed on a Page (for example, in a Paragraph element). The special formatting is not displayed during data input (for example, while the user is answering an input question).

Using the Format Feature

When creating a variable of the type Number, Date, or Text (or a Collection of one of these simple types), the Format parameter is enabled:

Formatting options will vary according to the variable type, as described in the following sections.

Formatting Text Variable Types

The text formatting field enables you to define a text pattern for user input. For example, the formatting shown above can be the pattern for a US telephone number.

Formatting Number Variable Types

Number formatting options include the following settings:

Setting Description
Decimal Places Allows you to specify how many decimal places will be shown.
Symbol Allows you to specify the symbol that will be placed before or after a currency value.
Locale Select the required locale from the dropdown list. The format of the separators in the number (for thousands and decimal points) are displayed according to the custom in the selected locale.
Position Allows you to specify whether the related currency symbol appears before or after the number.
Show thousands separator This checkbox determines whether or not thousands separators are displayed (e.g., 1,000 vs. 1000).

Formatting Date Variable Types

Date formatting options allow you to select from the following date formats:

Setting Example Description
mm/dd/yy 10/15/17 US Short Date
mm/dd/yyyy 10/15/2017 US Short Date with Full Year
dd/mm/yy 15/10/17 Short Date
dd/mm/yyyy 15/10/2017 Short Date with Full Year
yyyy/mm/dd 2017/10/15 Short Date with Leading Full Year
Month Name dd, yyyy October 15, 2017 Long Date
Custom 17-10-15 Enter your new format in the field that appears below the dropdown list.

If your entry matches one of the built-in date formats, the name of the built-in format option will appear here when you edit the variable.

In the example: yy-mm-dd