Jason Buysome Coolstuff, aged 45, is a small business owner who sells specialized computer and video equipment. His interactive online catalog and step-by-step installation Interactions have many satisfied buyers easily finding what they want and setting up the products on their own.  

Still, Jason finds that a good number of customers need a little help deciding exactly what they need, or run into some problems with the installation. When this happens, Jason wants to quickly get them assistance that is relevant, through the channel that is most comfortable for them. 

Jacada Interact supports the following assistance options for customers who are navigating through self service Interactions:

  • Call: The customer makes a call to the call center.
  • Callback: The customer requests a callback from a customer service representative.
  • Chat: The customer initiates a chat session with a customer service representative.
  • Email: The customer sends an email to the call center.

In the Interaction, these customer assistance options are displayed on a dedicated page called a Contact Us page. For example: 

When designing an Interaction, you can set a Contact Us  page to be displayed using either of the following techniques:

Some Things To Know Before You Get Started

  • Customer assistance options need to be enabled both in the Admin Console and in the Interaction step/element. If they are enabled in one and not the other, the features will not work as expected.
  • In the Admin Console, Call and Chat settings need to be properly configured. In addition, to enable Call Return, the Allow Call Return setting in each relevant application (Mobile Web and Web Self Service) needs to be set to Yes. For more information about Call, Chat, and Application settings, refer to Configuring Customer Assistance Settings.
  • For more information about how customers actually use the options, refer to Customer Assistance Options: End User Experience.

Creating a Contact Us Interaction Step

Contact Us is an independent Interaction step that you can insert at appropriate points in the Interaction flow. For example, at a certain point in an installation instruction Interaction, you can insert a Yes/No question asking customers whether they would like assistance. In runtime, the customer may select one of the assistance options presented, or skip this step by clicking the Next button.

As part of designing the Contact Us step, you may include paragraph elements before and/or after the customer assistance options to provide further guidance to users. For example:


Note: The Contact Us Interaction step is not supported in the Agent Application.

To create a Contact Us step:

  1. From the Visual Page options, select Contact Us.

    The Contact Us Editor opens, with the page settings displayed.

  2. Define the page settings as required. For details about the page settings, refer to Creating a New Page
  3. To display the element settings, select the Element tab. 

  4. Define the customer assistance options to be displayed on the Contact Us page by selecting the relevant checkboxes. When a checkbox is selected, a relevant icon appears on the Page map.

  5. If desired, create paragraph elements before and/or after the customer assistance icons pane.
  6. Click Create Page.
    The step is created, and the Interaction Map opens.

Displaying the Contact Us Button on an Interaction Page 

Most visual steps (questions, paragraphs, etc.) support the ability to activate customer assistance options from the current page of the Interaction. When assistance features are enabled, the Contact Us button appears on the menu bar of the page. For example:

In runtime, clicking the Contact Us button opens the Contact Us page. The assistance features that are displayed on the Contact Us page are determined by the checkboxes that are selected on the Page Editor when creating or updating the relevant Interaction page. (If no checkboxes are selected, the Contact Us button is not shown on the page.)