You can make it easy for a customer to connect with an Agent during a Flow using the Contact Us visual page step:

As shown above, this step offers any or all of the connectivity methods that are available in Interact: Call Now, Call Return, Chat and Email.

You can place the step at any location in a Flow.

Note: There are several other features that enable a user to contact an Agent from Interact. For more details, click here.

Adding a Contact Us Step

  1. Right-click anywhere on the Flow Map (or hover over an existing step) and select Add a step > Visual Page > Contact Us:

    The Contact Us editor opens with the Page tab displayed.
  2. Define the Page settings as required. For details click here.
  3. Select the Element tab to display Element settings:

  4. A Paragraph element is provided by default. You can add some helpful instructions to this element or simply delete it.
  5. Define the connectivity that will be displayed on the Contact Us page by selecting the relevant checkboxes. When a checkbox is selected, its icon appears on the Page map.
  6. Click Create Page. The step is created, and the Flow Map is displayed.

During runtime, the Contact Us buttons you've activated will appear on a separate page at the selected point in your Flow.