Once you've put together your Interaction with all the visual and navigation logic steps you need, you will want to step back, look at your workflow, and make sure that everything will run as it should. This article covers the features that the Interaction Designer provides to test, manage and analyze your Interactions.

On the right side of the Interaction map there is a yellow vertical bar with icons. Clicking on one of these icons opens one of the analysis features.

The top icon opens the Preview pane.
The middle icon opens the Solution Explorer.
The bottom icon opens the Conflicts Center.

Each of these features serves a different purpose. Only one of them may be open at a time.

  • Preview Pane - When you click the icon or select Run from the toolbar, the Preview pane shows a simulation of the Interaction for testing and review purposes. The simulation view differs depending on which client service you select to run (Agent, Web Self Service, or Mobile Web application). For more information, refer to Testing Interactions.

  • Solution Explorer - When you click the icon or select Solution Explorer from the toolbar, the Solution Explorer lists all variables and the different elements used in the Interaction. For details, refer to Getting Started with the Solution Explorer.

  • Conflicts Center - When you click the icon, the Conflicts Center displays conflicts and defects in your Interaction and highlights them in the Interaction map, so you will be able to fix them. For information, refer to Resolving Conflicts.

To Close the Analysis Panel:

  • From the open panel, click the double arrow to the right of the panel title.

    The panel closes.