Once you've created an Interact Flow with all of its visual and navigation logic steps, you usually want to ensure that it will run as you and your users expect. Interact provides a set of tools that make this process simpler and more intuitive.

You access these tools using the Analysis Panel icons on the yellow bar that appears on the right side of the Flow map:

  • Preview. Shows a simulation of the Flow for testing and review purposes. The simulation view will vary, depending on which Flow type and Channel types (i.e., Agent, Web Self Service, Mobile Web, etc.) you are using.  Clicking here is identical to clicking Run from the main menu.

    For more details, see:
  • Solution Explorer. Lists all User, System and Environment variables available to the Flow, enabling you to view their details and the specific elements which are using them in the Flow.

    For more details, see Getting Started with the Solution Explorer.
  • Conflicts Center. Displays any conflicts and defects in your Flow and highlights the affected elements in the Flow map, so that can easily fix them.

    For more details, see Resolving Conflicts.

To close the Analysis Panel:

  • From the open panel, click the double arrow at the top right:

    The current Analysis Panel closes.