This section provides some guidelines for database sizing, based on performance tests conducted by Jacada. Sizing estimates are done based on the number of Interaction visual steps sent by the server. A visual step takes place each time the Voice IVR waits for user input, each time the VIVR Interaction displays a visual screen, and so on.

  • As a general rule, each Interaction visual step requires an average of 150k of storage space.
  • A 30-step Interaction requires ~4,500k of storage (150k * 30 steps).
  • 90 days of data retention requires 5000 *4,500K * 90  =  2,025 GB (assuming 5000 Interactions per day).
  • Storage is required for any participating member in the MongoDB replica set. Arbiter nodes do not require storage.

Note: Jacada offers a maintenance script that allows IT to clear old auditing data to make room for new Interactions, without having to add more storage.

For more information and assistance with sizing estimates, refer to the Jacada Interact Installation Guide, or contact Jacada Support.