By default, the Prompts Editor URL is preset, and uses dedicated Editor applications to display the Interaction in the simulator. The Editor Configuration dialog of the Prompts Editor enables you to:

  • Change the application(s) used to display the Interaction pages. You may use Jacada's Mobile Web and/or Web Self Service applications, or you can use a customized application of your own.
  • Add your own parameters, such as a phone number or required variables, to the URL.


To customize the Prompts Editor URL:

  1. At the upper left side of the Editor, click the Advanced Settings icon.

    The Editor Configuration dialog opens, with the default settings displayed.
  2. If relevant, change the default application key(s) to those of the applications you require. You may use Jacada's Mobile Web and Web Self Service applications, or other customized Mobile Web and Web Self Service applications of your choice.

    Note: Make sure that the applications you use contain the same application extensions used by the Editor applications. For details about applying extensions to an application, click here

  3. If relevant, in the Additional URL Parameters field, enter the parameters to be passed in the URL (separated by &).
  4. Click Save.
    The settings are saved, and are applied upon refreshing the page in the simulator.