A Visual Page is a digital page that is displayed to the user on their mobile device, the web or in the call center. It may contain images, information for the user to read, or questions and choices that require user input.

You create Visual Page steps to prompt for user responses interactively. A Visual Page step can be a:

Each page in Interact must have a name and at least one element that appears on the page.

To Create a New Page:

  1. From the Flow map, to create the First Page hover the mouse over Visual Page and select New Page, as shown below.

    Alternatively, hover the mouse over an existing step, and select Visual Page > New Page.
    Or, right-click anywhere on the screen and select Add a step > Visual Page > New Page.

  2. The Page Editor opens. You can now define and add elements to the new Page, as detailed in Adding Content to a Page.
  3. When you are done, click Create Page. The Page is created and displayed on the Flow map.

About the Page Editor

When you add a New Page, the Page Editor opens as detailed below:

  1. The name of the open Flow appears at the top left of the page.
  2. The list of available elements appears to the left of the mapping area, divided into categories: Input Questions, Buttons, Choices and Visuals.
  3. The mapping area displays the elements that you select to appear on the page.
  4. The Page Settings Tab appears to the right of the mapping area. (When elements are added to the mapping, an Element Settings Tab appears at the far right.)
  5. The current action buttons (Create, Update, Discard) for the Page appear at the bottom right.

The following table provides details on the Page Settings Tab:

Area Description/Notes
General Page Title - Enter a name for the interaction page.
Variable Name - Enter a unique variable name for the page. If you do not enter a name, the Page Title is automatically supplied as the variable name.
Navigation Show a 'back' button when possible - Select the check box to display the back button on the page (optional).
Contact Us Button These settings enable you to add customer assistance options (Call Now, Chat, Call Return, and Email) to a standalone button on the current page of your Interaction. For more information, refer to Customer Connectivity: Overview.
Breadcrumbs Appear as link in the Flow breadcrumbs - Select the check box to include the page in the breadcrumbs trail that is displayed at the top of the page as a user navigates through the Flow. If the breadcrumb trail is longer than the screen width, the trail is truncated. If selected, specify the Breadcrumb label to display.
Help Menu Enable Help - Select the check box to display a Help link on the page. If selected, enter the Help Text to display.