Here's the essential things you need to know to about the main screen of the Web Interaction Designer. The main screen opens when you launch the Designer. To start working, you then need to create or open an Interaction.

Once an Interaction is open, the main screen components appear and the toolbar icons are enabled.

The following table describes the components of the main screen.

Number Area Description
1 Toolbar Provides quick access to common options and features. For details, see the section below.
2 Navigation 
Lists all the currently open Interactions and lets you easily switch between them. The currently active Interaction is the one with a yellow line under its name. 
3 Interaction Map The main work area in which you build and view your Interaction steps. The First Page prompt appears in a new empty Interaction. For more details, refer to Adding Interaction Steps.
4 Analysis Panel Open the handle to display the following features for testing and analyzing your Interaction:
  • Preview Pane - For viewing a simulation of how the Interaction will appear to the end user. Refer to Testing Interactions.
  • Solution Explorer - For analysis and review of variables and elements. Refer to Using the Solution Explorer.
  • Conflict Center - For analyzing and resolving conflicts in the Interaction. Refer to Resolving Conflicts.
5 Zoom Bar A slider for enlarging or minimizing the Interaction map view. Click along the zoom bar to the left to minimize the view, or click to the right to enlarge the view. For more details, refer to Organizing the Interaction Flow.
6 User and Logout ID of the currently active Designer user. Clicking on the ID also displays a drop-down menu to log out of the Designer.

The Toolbar
Use the toolbar to access editing tools and Designer functions.


Icon Description
File Drop-down menu with various options for creating, opening, cloning and publishing an Interaction.
Refresh Enables a manual refresh of the resources (system variables, custom types, rules, sub-interactions, etc.) used in the currently active Interaction. Refresh also redraws the Interaction map if needed to reflect any changed resources.
Undo Undoes the most recent editing activity.
Auto Arrange Automatically arranges the pages and navigation elements on the Interaction map. For details, refer to the topic Arranging Elements in Organizing the Interaction Flow.
Rules Opens the Rules listing where you can add and edit global Account Rules.
Languages Opens the Language support feature, which enables you to add language packages and set the Interaction's default language.
Solution Explorer Opens the Solution Explorer pane, which displays all variables and the elements used in the current Interaction. For details refer to Solution Explorer.
Run Runs the Interaction in a simulator for testing purposes. For more information, refer to Testing Interactions in the Simulator.
Share Generate a URL that lets you run the Interaction in a Jacada client. For more information refer to Testing Interactions in Selected Environments.
Admin Opens the Jacada Interact Admin Console in a new browser tab.
Help Opens the Web Designer Help section of Jacada's online Help Center.
User ID The currently active user. Click on the ID drop-down menu to log out.