Choice questions get information by asking users to make one or more selections from a list of choices.

The Interact Web Designer provides you with the following choice types:

Choice Type Description
Yes/No Users select one of two possible answers. The answers may be literally Yes or No, as in the example above, or they may consist of any other wording (e.g., Loans or Lines of Credit). 
Choices Choice lists can be: In addition, you can use a choice display format that enables the user to select:
  • a single answer
  • multiple answers
Two-Level Menus Users select both a category and a topic from a predefined menu and the Flow continues immediately to the next page, based on their choice. There is no need to click Next following the selection.

The examples below provide a sample of each choice option:


Key Design Features of Choice Questions

Most choice options enable you to:

  • Define the user question that accompanies the choice
  • Set the choice Display type, for example, radio buttons, dropdown menu or multiple choice
  • Set validation and security settings
  • Assign a variable (or a collection) to hold the user choice selection
  • Add a Show/Hide Rule that controls when the choice is displayed
  • Assign a HTML reference ID that is available for use outside of Interact, for example in CSS or application extensions


Using More than One Choice Question on a Visual Page

When you design your choice questions, keep in mind that a Page can display multiple questions (as in the example above).

When there is more than one choice question, you'll need to decide which choice question will determine the Flow after a selection is made. The checkbox This will create multiple paths in your script is provided for this purpose, as shown below:

Unlike other choice questions, a Page can contain only one Two-Level Menu.