A number of the features offered by Jacada Interact require integration with third party services. Jacada customers with cloud accounts are automatically integrated with the third party services used by Jacada, and no further synchronization of their accounts is necessary. On premise customers, however, need to have (or establish) independent accounts with the necessary third party organizations in order to be able to use features that are third party dependent.

Features that require third party service integration are summarized in the sections below. If you have an on premise account and you would like to use one or more of these features, please contact Jacada Support to assist you with implementation.

Features Requiring Telephony Services 
The following features require integration with a telephony provider:

  • SMS Campaigns: The Campaign capability allows you to create and maintain a set of campaigns that give your customers access to specific Interactions. Each campaign contains a predefined text message that includes a link to the relevant Interaction. SMS campaigns are useful for redirecting IVR callers and for sending promotional or explanatory material to existing or potential customers.
  • DNIS Service Application: DNIS is a dedicated Interact client used for call integration. (For  example, DNIS can be the call handling method used when a customer presses the Call button during an Interaction.) Using the DNIS Service application involves purchasing a set of phone numbers from Jacada. This pool of phone numbers is managed by a third party telephony service.
  • Carrier Lookup Service: This is a method used to obtain information about a given phone number. The data returned includes whether the phone is a landline or a mobile device, and which carrier services it. The method is useful for determining whether the caller is a candidate for receiving a campaign SMS.

If you have an on premise account and would like to activate any of these features, please contact Jacada Support for assistance.

Feature Requiring Message Signal Services
Jacada Interact Collaboration Rooms enable customer service representatives to instantly connect with customers in a live web session. The secure session supports chat and allows both parties to share documents, images and other relevant content. 

The Collaboration Room capability requires integration with a message signaling service (MSS) provider. If you have an on premise account and would like to enable Collaboration Rooms, please contact Jacada Support.

Features Requiring Shortening Services
Published Interactions are automatically assigned an Interaction URL containing the direct path to the Interaction. This URL can be copied and sent to colleagues and users, incorporated into SMS messages, etc.

An Interaction URL can be viewed and copied from the following sources:

The Generate Short URL option enables shortening of the original URL, so you can send a more friendly link that occupies less space on the recipient's device. The Generate Short URL capability requires integration with a URL shortening service provider, and it is not enabled by default for on premise customers. If you have an on premise account and would like to activate the Generate Short URL option, please contact Jacada Support