Email elements send email notifications to one or more recipients when users reach a certain point in an Interaction. For example:

  • At a call center, an email containing a summary of the Interaction is automatically sent to a supervisor group when agents reach a certain page of the flow.  
  • In a self service support Interaction, a customer reaches a stage that indicates a device is faulty and should be sent in for repair. At this point, an e-mail is automatically sent to the Repairs department. The e-mail contains the audit trail of the Interaction and other useful data (e.g., serial number, product code, etc.).

The E-mail element runs in the background - customers or agents running the Interaction are not aware that emails are being sent.

Things to Know Before You Get Started:

  • To successfully use Email elements in Interactions, the settings for the SMTP server need to be configured in the Admin Console. For details, refer to Configuring Email Settings

To Create an Email Element:

  1. From the Navigation Logic options, select Email.

    The Email Editor opens.

  2. In the Email Name field, enter a unique name for the Email element. 
  3. Enter relevant e-mail addresses in the the From, To, Cc and Bcc fields. 
  4. On the Subject line above the text editor, enter relevant free text. As you type, the text is displayed in the Subject field above.
  5. The Attached line allows you to send photos uploaded by customers (in a Photo Upload question) as an attachment to the email. For more information, refer to Attaching Uploaded Photos to Your Email (below).
  6. Compose the content of the email in the text editor. For more information about the editor and details about how to use variables, uploaded photos, images, media and styles in the body of the email,refer to Designing Paragraphs
  7. To add another email, click  and then repeat Steps 3-5.
  8. Click Create Email.
    The Email Editor closes, and the Email element appears on the Interaction map.

Attaching Uploaded Photos to Your Email

Jacada Interact lets you access photos that were uploaded by customers (in a Photo Upload question) and send these images as attachments to Email notifications. For example, you might ask customers to take pictures of a device that needs repair. You can then attach those photos to an email to your repairs department.

Photos uploaded by customers are stored in a Collection of Images type variable. Creating an email attachment therefore involves specifying the Image type variable that is associated with the photos you need. When you create an attachment, you can use either (or both) of the following techniques:

  • Select the Collection of Images variable that holds the images uploaded in a specific Photo Upload question. In this case, all photos uploaded by the customer in response to that question are included in the attachment.
  • Select an Image type variable that holds a single photo. This type of variable is usually created by allocating one of the photos from the image collection into a simple Image variable. For more information about creating this variable type, refer to Using Uploaded Images in Your Interaction.

To create an attachment of uploaded photos:

  1. In the Email editor, position the cursor on the Attached line, and then enter @.
    The Variables list opens. Note that only variables of type Image (single and collections) are available.

  2. Select the required variable. 
    The name of the selected variable is displayed on the Attached line in a gray frame.

  3. To add more uploaded photos to the attachment, repeat Steps 1-2.