A Connector is a visual connection between two pages or navigation elements in a Flow. Connectors appear on the Interaction map as gray arrows. The Connectors between elements indicate the direction of information flow between the starting element and the ending element. 

The number of Connectors that can be drawn from a starting element depends on the type of element involved. The Designer will not allow you to draw a Connector between two elements that cannot be logically connected in the flow. 

To Insert a Connector:

  1. Hover the mouse pointer over an existing Flow element, and position the pointer over the down arrow that appears below the element. The cursor becomes a cross hair (+).
  2. Click the left mouse button and drag from the starting element to the ending element, and then release the mouse button.
    A Connector is drawn between the two elements.

To Delete a Connector:

  1. Hover the mouse pointer over the Connector until the red X appears.

  2. Click on the X.
    The Connector is removed.