An Interaction Flow provides you, your agents and your customers with a smart menu-driven interface to enhance service offerings at call centers, on websites, and on your customers' mobile devices.

Creating an Interaction Flow

  1. From the Toolbar, click the File icon and select New.
    The Add New - Select Flow Type popup is displayed.

  2. Click New Interaction. The Add New Interaction popup is displayed:

  3. In the Interaction Name textbox, enter a unique name for your new Interaction Flow.
    Note: It is recommended that Interaction names include English characters (upper and/or lower case) and numbers (0-9) only.
  4. Click Create.
    The new Interaction is added to the Interaction list, and the Interaction Map displays the First Page prompt.

  5. Continue to build the Interaction by adding steps to it.

Opening an Existing Interaction Flow

From the Toolbar, click the File icon and select any Interaction that is published to your account.

The Recent list shows the ten flows that you most recently created or viewed. To open one of these flow, simply select it from the list.

If the desired Interaction Flow does not appear in the Recent list, you can open it via the Open dialog:

  1. From the Toolbar, click the File icon and select Open.
    The Open dialog opens, displaying the Home folder and any additional folders that have been created for your account. (For more information about folders, click here.)

  2. Expand the tree to view the list of flows. If an Interaction has more than one version, the ten most recent versions are shown, with the latest version listed first.

    You can filter the list by entering text in the Search field. Searching will filter the list by Interaction Name (or part of a Name) or any text from the Interaction Description. After entering text, click the Search icon to execute the search:

  3. Select the Interaction you want to open, and then click Open.
    The selected Interaction opens in a new browser tab.

Navigating between Open Interaction Flows

Open Interaction Flows appear as navigation tabs in the navigation list at the top of the page. You may have several Interaction Flows open at the same time, but only one can be active. The active Interaction is highlighted with a yellow underline. The inactive Interaction Flows appear in gray text.

To navigate between open Interaction Flows, select a different Interaction in the navigation list. 

Closing an Interaction Flow

From the Navigation list, click on the X next to the Interaction name.

Cloning (Duplicating) an Interaction Flow

  1. Ensure that the Interaction you want to duplicate is open and currently selected in the Designer.
  2. From the Toolbar, click the File icon and select Clone. The clone dialog box will be displayed.
  3. Enter a name for the new cloned Interaction. The name must be unique.
  4. The selected Interaction will be cloned to a new tab and focus will be moved to the cloned Interaction tab.

Note: Cloning copies all of an Interaction's elements without creating any dependencies to the original Interaction. Cloning does not affect the Status (Draft/Approved) of the original Interaction.

Renaming an Interaction Flow

An Interaction name can be changed only when it is published. For details, refer to Publishing Interaction Flows.

Refreshing an Interaction Flow

You can manually refresh the active Interaction at anytime by clicking the Refresh button in the main toolbar. The refresh will update all the Interaction's resources, including system variables, custom types, rules and sub-interactions. Refresh will also redraw the Interaction map to reflect any changed resources. Only the currently active Interaction is refreshed.

Deleting an Interaction Flow

An Interaction can not be deleted from within the Interaction Designer. For details on how to delete an Interaction using the Admin Console, refer to Deleting Interaction Flows.