A {Label} annotation is used only in the context of a question. The label can be the question text itself, or it can be a heading for the question. For example, you can use a label to help guide users about how to answer the question. 

The following example shows how to map a request for a customer's account number. The Voice prompt is:

Please enter your account number

After mapping, the annotation is:

{Label} Please enter your account number {NumberInput}

 On the VIVR VXML Connector page, the text of the label is shown immediately above the input field.

The {Label} annotation may be used together with other annotations, as in the example below. Verify that the {Label} annotation is placed at the beginning of the prompt. 

{Title} Welcome to the Banking Application
{Label} Please enter a six digit account number {NumberInput}

The figure below shows how these annotations are displayed in a VIVR VXML Connector page. The asterisk appears when a label is followed by an Input annotation, and indicates that user input is mandatory.