The Rooms tab of the Agent Application displays a list of all Collaboration Rooms created by the users of your Interact account. The tab is accessed by clicking the green Add icon, and then selecting Rooms. Multiple instances of the Rooms tab may be open simultaneously.

Note: The Rooms option is available only to users who are logged into the Agent Application (either by providing a username and password, or by passing an Agent ID in the access URL).

The name of the agent who added the Room and the date/time that the room was created are listed for all Rooms. If a customer has been invited to a Room, the customer's name and mobile number/email address (the customer's unique identifiers) are displayed. 

By default, the Rooms tab lists the 10 Rooms that were most recently created or updated. To help you find a required Room, the Rooms list can be sorted according to any column, in ascending or descending order. 

Filtering the Rooms List

A lengthy Rooms list can be filtered by selecting the Rooms search option in the Agent Application Search tool. You may search according to agent, customer name, mobile number or email address. 

The following example shows a Rooms list before and after filtering the list by searching for the term customer

Understanding Room Status 

Rooms that have a special status are indicated by a Status icon at the left side of the relevant rows of the Rooms list. 

IconStatus Description
Draft Indicates a Room to which no customer has been invited.
Timed Out

Indicates a Room which has been disabled due to no recent agent or customer activity. By default, a Room enters Timed Out status after 90 consecutive days of no activity. (This value is configurable in the Jacada Interact Admin Console.)

A customer may not perform operations (enter messages or upload files) in a Room that is timed out. To re-enable the Room, an agent needs to re-invite the customer to the Room.

Opening a Room in the Rooms List

Open an existing Collaboration Room by clicking the relevant row in the Rooms list. Selecting a Room from the list opens that Room in the same tab, and the tab name is replaced with the name of the selected Room.

Leaving Rooms

To leave a Room to which a customer has been invited, simply click the Close icon in the Room's tab (to the right of the customer's name). 

When you attempt to leave a Room to which a customer has not yet been invited, the following popup opens:

If you would like to continue working in the Room at a later time, click Save. The Room will then be listed in the Rooms list, in Draft status.

If the Room is no longer needed, click Delete. Deleted Rooms are removed from the system, and cannot be accessed at a later time.