Clicking the New Room icon,at the upper left corner of the Rooms tab, creates a new empty Collaboration Room.

After clicking New Room, the empty Room opens in the same tab, and the tab name (Rooms) is replaced with the label Collaboration Room.
The main sections and features of a new Collaboration Room are described in the table following the diagram.

Note: The Co Browse option is not available for the current version of the application.


NumberName of Feature Description
1 Room name By default every new Room is named Collaboration Room. When a customer is invited to the Room, the name automatically changes to the name of the invited customer.
2 Invite button Enables you to invite a customer to the Room, by means of email or SMS.
3 Share Docs button Enables you to upload a document to the Collaboration Room so it can be opened by the customer.
4 Content area Shows the content of the room, including chat messages and documents uploaded by the agent and the customer.
5 Chat bar Enables you to send a text message to the customer. After typing your message, you may click the Enter icon, or press Enter on your keyboard.

You may begin to put content in a Collaboration Room before inviting a customer, as shown in the figure below. When a customer is then invited and joins the Room, all content uploaded to the Room previously is immediately accessible to the customer.
For details about how to upload content to a Room, refer to Sharing Documents.