In order to successfully invoke the Jacada Interact APIs, the following authentication parameters need to be passed in the HTTP header:

  • Tenant-Id: The unique identifier for your account (tenantId).
  • Application-Key: A unique application key used for access to the Jacada Interact Server. It is recommended to use the application key of the Public API Service application.

For example:

Tenant-Id: <tenantId>
Application-Key: <Public API Service application key>

Authentication By Access Token

Some methods exposed by Jacada Interact require extra security. To invoke these methods, it is necessary to authenticate against the server using an access token. This authentication is accomplished by passing your username and password in the HTTP header. When these parameters (User-Id and User-Password) are passed in the header, authentication with an access token is performed automatically by the system.

The User-Id and User-Password need to be passed in the header using base 64 encoding:  

User-Id: <Base 64 encode of username>
User-Password: <Base 64 encode of user password>

In the following example, the username is admin and the password is password:

User-Id: YWRtaW4=
User-Password: cGFzc3dvcmQ=

The following categories of APIs require authentication by access token:

Common Error Responses

Error CodeError DescriptionRecommended Actions
401 Unauthorized (error in authentication)

Verify that you are using the correct tenantId and application key.

If the method requires authentication by access token, verify that you have passed the User-Id and User-Password in the HTTP header, using base 64 encoding.