Interact Reports provide you with the data and visualizations that enable key operational insights specific to your business needs.

Jacada's advanced analytics show you precisely how your Interactions are being used, making it easier to track customer and agent behavior in real time and better understand their needs.

Reports provide multiple display options that allow you to access data in formats convenient for viewing and analysis. Your data can also be easily exported to allow you to integrate it into your other data sources, or share it with colleagues.

Using the various Interact Reports wizards, you can build a complete set of customized reports for your organization, and then access them regularly as needed.

Note: All Interact Reports are accessed using the Admin Console.

Jacada Interact offers the following Report types:

Aggregated Reports 

This report type provides insight about Interaction usage by displaying aggregated data on the Interaction elements visited and the amount of time spent on each element. This information enables you to analyze customer/agent behavior and gain understanding on how your Interactions can be modified to improve the user experience:

  • JAS: Call center managers can see how many agents use a certain Interaction page or step to guide customers. In addition, they can determine which steps require more time, and therefore may need to be improved.
  • VIVR: Company managers can understand Interaction flow and which elements get more / less use by customers. In addition, they can determine which steps may need improvement, base on the amount of time that customers spend on specific steps of the Interaction.

The variable query capability provided in Aggregated reports enables you to obtain valuable information about the input provided by the customers using your Interactions. By analyzing specific questions and variables, you can gather and use data such as: 

  • Which options in a multiple choice question were selected by users
  • Which phrases were used most often in a text questions
  • What information was stored in a variable

Aggregated reports can be viewed in several display formats (bar, line and column), and you can aggregate the data by day, week or month.

For more information about this report type, refer to Creating an Aggregated Report

Raw Data Reports 

A Raw Data report displays the values of variables and/or questions used in a selected Interaction. Raw Data reports are useful for:

  • Generating information that is required by third-party organizations (e.g., payment authorities)
  • Generating required audit reports
  • Integrating data with your organization's Business Intelligence tool

Variable/Question values of all instances of the Interaction run during a specific time period are shown in a Raw Data report. When you build the report, you define which variables/questions will be included in the report data. Any combination of variables (user, system, and Read Only) and questions may be selected, allowing you to customize each Raw Data report to different analysis needs. For example, one report may show information about customer feedback, and another may show data about the types of devices on which the Interaction was run.

For more information about this report type, refer to Creating a Raw Data Report

Funnel Reports

A Funnel report shows how many users followed a specific flow within an Interaction. Funnel reports are useful for analyzing statistics such as:

  • How many users open Interactions that are sent to them through an SMS campaign
  • How many users reach a given page in the Interaction via a specified flow
  • How many users abandon the Interaction (and at which  points they abandon)

For more information about this report type, refer to Funnel Reports: Overview

Heat Map Reports

A Heat Map report displays the flow of users through an Interaction over a specified time range, so that you can analyze precisely how users finish (or abandon) the Interaction. Heat Map reports are useful for clarifying user flow and analyzing information such as:

  • The number of users who start and finish a flow
  • Which pages received the most traffic
  • Which pages were abandoned
  • How many users clicked and completed a "Contact Us" activity
  • Time spent by users on each Page

For more information about this report type, refer to Heat Map Reports: Overview

Deflected Calls Reports

A Deflected Calls report produces a funnel-type diagram that quantifies the instances where callers use VIVR and do not require additional call-based support or assistance. It includes information you need to understand how well your Interactions and Campaigns are being adopted and deflecting calls:

  • VIVR usage and success tracking
  • SMS messages sent, including those by external providers
  • Amount and percentage of users who complete each phase
  • Abandon rates for each phase
  • Post-VIVR callback rates

For more information about this report type, refer to Deflected Calls Reports: Overview