Defining a new Raw Data report involves specifying the following report components:

  • Report Metadata: The report name, the Interaction to be analyzed, and optional notes about the report.
  • Report Queries: The variables and/or questions to be included in the report data.

Note: A new report may be saved after providing metadata only. However, it may not be run until at least one query is defined.


Once a report is created, its parameters may be changed at any time. For more details, refer to Updating Report Parameters.

To create a Raw Data report:

  1. Go to the the Reports page in the Admin Console.
  2. At the upper right corner of the Reports page, select Add > Raw Data Report.

    The New Raw Data Report page opens.
  3. In the Name field, enter an appropriate name for the report. The report name must be unique (i.e., not used by any other report).
  4. In the Interaction field, enter the name of the Interaction to be analyzed. As you type, Interactions whose names contain the entered letters are displayed, allowing you to select the required Interaction.

    Alternatively, you may select the required Interaction from the full dropdown list. This list includes Interactions in both Draft and Approved status.

    When an Interaction has been selected, the Add Query link (at the bottom of the page) is enabled.
  5. If desired, in the Description field, enter relevant notes or comments about the report.
  6. If the report you have selected contains Sub-interactions or Navigation Buttons which reference other Interactions, the Show Interaction Reference Elements dropdown list is displayed, as below.

    To obtain data about target Sub-interaction or Navigation Button activities in addition to the current Interaction elements, select Yes. By default, the value of this dropdown is set to No, and queries will enable data reporting only on the current Interaction elements.
  7. Choose one of the following options:
    • Save the report without adding queries: On the right side of the page, click Save.
      The Reports page appears, with the new report listed in the grid.
    • Continue building the report: Click the Add Query link, and add one or more queries. For details, refer to Adding Report Queries (below). 

Adding Report Queries to a Raw Data Report

The following procedure explains how to add queries to a Raw Data report. (For information about updating existing queries, refer to Viewing and Updating Report Parameters.) 

Adding a query involves selecting the variables and/or questions you want to query from a list displayed in the report building wizard. The list displays every variable and question in the selected Interaction, with the exception of password input questions.

When you build your query, note that if a question you select is part of a loop, the Raw Data report will show the answer to only the last iteration of the question. To obtain the answers for all the iterations, it is recommended to store the answers in a collection variable (using an allocator), and then build a query for the collection variable (or add the collection variable to an existing query).

To add queries to a Raw Data Report:

  1. At the lower left corner of the page, click Add Query.
    If the Add Query link is disabled, verify that you have entered metadata for the report. 

    The Build Your Queries frame opens, listing every variable and question that is included in the selected Interaction.

    If you include Referenced Interactions in your report, the relevant Steps will have their sources listed in the Referenced Interaction column.

    The list may be sorted according to Name or Type, in ascending or descending order. 

  2. In the search field, enter the name of the required variable or question. As you type, variables/questions whose names contain the entered letters are displayed, allowing you to select the desired variable.

    Alternatively, you may select the required variable(s)/question(s) from the full list, by selecting the checkbox(es) from the relevant row(s).
  3. When you are finished adding variables and/or questions to the query, on the right side of the Build Your Queries frame, click Done.
    The query is saved, and its variables and/or questions are displayed in the Report Queries area.

  4. To add another query, click the Add Query link, and then repeat Steps 2 and 3.
    An unlimited number of queries may be added to the report.