You use the Reports page to create new reports and to view, update, run and manage your report set. The page is accessed from the Admin Console left-side menu bar by selecting Resources > Reports:

The main features of the Reports page are shown and described below:

Item Feature Description
1 Reports grid Provides general information about each report that has been defined, such as the Interaction involved and when the report was last run.
Clicking the link in the Name column opens the Report Details page, from which you can view and update the report's metadata and queries.
2 Run button Runs the report selected in the checkbox. For more information, refer to Running Reports.
3 Add button Enables you to create a new report. For more details, see the section for the specific report type that you wish to create.
4 Delete button Deletes one or more reports. For more information, refer to Deleting Reports.
5 Status link Opens the Report Status page, which allows you to view instances of reports that have been generated and to download reports that have run successfully. 

Note: The Status link is available for Raw Data report types only.