The Report Status page, which is provided for Raw Data report types only, enables you to view and manage instances of reports that have been run. The Report Status page is accessed from the Reports page, by clicking the Status link in the row of the relevant report.

The features of the Report Status page are described in the table below the diagram.

1 Status grid

Provides information about each report instance that has been run. By default, the grid is sorted according to Date Run, with the most recent instance listed first. You may sort the grid according to Status or Run By, in ascending or descending alphabetical order. 

Possible report statuses are:

  • Done: The report has been generated successfully.
  • Failed: The report has not been generated, due to a system error.
  • Running: The report is currently being generated.
2 Refresh icon Updates the Status grid with the latest information from the server. This manual refresh option is provided in addition to automatic refreshes.
3 Delete button Removes selected report instances from the Status grid, and deletes them from the database.
4 Download link

Exports the data in the selected report instance to an Excel file. If the report includes more than one query, each query is displayed on its own sheet.

Note: The Download link is enabled for reports instances with a status of Done only.