You can view and manage Raw Reports that have been run using the Report Status page.

The Report Status page is accessed from the Reports page, by clicking Status in the row of the relevant report.

Features of the Report Status page are described below:

Item Feature Description
1 Status Provides information about each report instance that has been run. By default, reports are sorted according to the Date Run column with the most recent instance listed first. You can also sort reports by Status or Run By, in ascending or descending alphabetical order.

Possible report statuses are:
  • Done: The report has been generated successfully.
  • Failed: The report has not been generated, due to an error.
  • Running: The report is currently being generated.
2 Refresh Updates the Status grid with the latest information from the Interact server.
3 Delete Removes selected report instances from the Status grid, deleting them from the account.
4 Download Link Exports completed report data from the selected report to one or more CSV files, compressed to a single ZIP file. When the report includes more than one query, the result of each query will be stored in a separate CSV file.

Clicking Download will save the ZIP file to your browser's Downloads folder. The filename is the name of the report with a date stamp appended. For example: DCM_Telco Payments
Note: The Download link will be enabled only for reports with a status of Done.