All Interactions that are published to the server are assigned a URL containing the direct path to the Interaction. The Share feature enables you to generate a link that can be distributed to colleagues or sent to your customers via SMS. (For more details about how to use the Share feature, refer to Sharing and Distributing Interactions.)

In order to control Interaction usage and prevent possible misuse of a distributed Interaction URL, Jacada Interact supports the option of protecting access to Interaction URLs. URL protection involves some or all of the following security options:

  • Expiration period: The link becomes unusable after a defined time period (e.g., 6 hours).
  • Limit on number of invocations: The Interaction URL can be launched for a predefined number of times only (e.g., 10).
  • Parameter validation: The Interaction URL cannot be launched if any parameters in the URL have changed. (This protects against manipulation of the link itself.)

When users attempt to use an Interaction URL that has become disabled due to security limits, an error message is displayed to them. For example:


The level of protection of an Interaction link can vary according to application channel. For example, for a given Interaction, the URL for the Agent Application can be unsecured (open), the URL for the Web Self Service channel can be protected with two security options, and the URL for the Mobile Web channel can be protected with three security options. 

Implementing URL Protection

URL protection is implemented from the Interaction's Details page, by selecting the Access Protection tab. The grid on this page lists all applications to which the Interaction is published, and indicates whether the access URL is open (unsecured) or protected. The default access setting (for all applications) is Open.

Clicking the link in the Application Name column opens the application settings page for the selected application.

The following procedure explains how to configure access protection for a currently unsecured application channel. Once security options are set, a similar process is used to update access protection settings.

To implement access protection for an unsecured application channel:

  1. From the grid on the Access Protection page, select the row of the relevant application. Then, at the upper right corner of the page, click Edit.

    URL protection settings become editable.
  2. From the URL Protection dropdown list, select Protected.
    Security options are displayed.

  3. Configure security options as required:
    • Number of allowed invocations: Enter the number of times that a generated link may be used before the Interaction is blocked from launching. The default value is 5.
      A value of 0 allows the link to be invoked an unlimited number of times.
    • Link Expiration Time Unit: Select Hours, Minutes or Seconds. The default time unit is Hours.
    • Link Expiration Period: Enter the period of time for which the URL will remain usable. 
      A value of 0 indicates that the link will not expire.
    • Validate URL Parameters: Indicate whether or not the URL will remain usable if any URL parameters are changed. The default value is False (parameters are not checked, and the URL remains usable if they are changed). 
  4. At the right upper corner of the page, click Save.
    A confirmation message is displayed, and changes are saved in the system.