When designing your Interactions, protecting the information provided by your customers is a top priority. Jacada Interact provides the following capabilities for safeguarding sensitive information:

  • Defining Non Audited Input: For each question in an Interaction, you can define which answers will be saved and audited in the database, and which will not be audited.
  • Filtering and Masking Credit Card Data: These capabilities enable system scanning of user input and automatic masking of data that has a pattern consistent with a credit card number format.

Hiding User Input in Your Interaction Flow

When a user input field is designated as Non Audit, the information entered by the customer is not saved in the database and is not recorded in the log files. User inputs that are set as Non Audit remain available during the run of an Interaction, when information is stored in memory (and not in the database). Therefore, if users leave the input page after entering information, and then navigate back to that page, the input will remain visible. However, once the Interaction is saved to the database, the input in the database, log records, and History Flow tab will be hidden.

Audit behavior of a user input is based on a preconfigured system variable called Non Audit. By default, the Non Audit flag is set to false (user input is saved). However, when the designer sets input in the Interaction to be Non Audit, the flag resets to true.

The following Interaction elements can be designated as Non Audit:

  • Questions: Any question type can be set as Non Audit.
  • User Variables: If the value of the variable will be taken from a user input field, the variable itself can be set to Non Audit.

You can use either of the following techniques in your Interaction to set input to be Non Audit:

  • Designing individual Non Audit elements: Question and/or Variable elements are made Non Audit by selecting the checkbox under Auditing Options in the element's Definition dialog:

  • Defining a section of the Interaction flow as Non Audit: A portion of the Interaction is set as Non Audit by placing an Allocator before and after the relevant section. The Allocators are used to change the value of the Non Audit system variable to Yes (true) or No (false), as required.

Filtering and Masking Credit Card Inputs

When these capabilities are enabled, the system scans information that is provided by customers and identifies patterns that are consistent with credit card number formats. These pieces of data are automatically masked, and only the masked information reaches the Interact Servers.

The filtering and masking options are activated / disabled according to settings defined in the Security menu of the Jacada Interact Admin Console. For more information about these options, refer to Viewing Security Settings.