Ticket Guidance is a form of the Agent Application that is embedded in the Zendesk Marketplace. This application offers the following advantages for agents working in Zendesk's ticketing environment: 

  • Maximizes efficiency by providing structured workflows
  • Consolidates work on multiple applications by integrating Jacada Agent Scripting (JAS) to backend systems through JAS Integration Points
  • Saves time by automating ticket creation and ticket field updates (ticket are managed as part of the JAS flow)

Note: The Ticket Guidance application is not available to users who have an on-premise installation.

Ticket Guidance operates in the following modes:

  • Pre-ticket mode: Enables agents not working in the context of a ticket to navigate through Interactions and view the history of an Interaction instance.
  • In-ticket mode: Provides a specific detailed workflow and recommended action steps to perform next, enabling agents to most efficiently handle complex tickets.