When handling results involving numbers that contain several columns, it is important to note that in order for these numbers to be presented properly in the Visual IVR, the number needs to be translated as a sum. This is accomplished by placing a + sign between the numbers that represent each column. For instance, the number forty-seven should be translated as 40+7.

The following example illustrates the significance of proper number translation. In this example, the Voice IVR customer hears the following sentence: Your current balance is ten thousand, four hundred thirty-two dollars

Voice IVR Number PromptAnnotationPresentation to Visual IVR User
TenThousand.wav 10000+ 10,432
FourHundred.wav 400+
Thirty.wav 30+
Two.wav 2

 If the annotations were written without + signs, the number would be presented in the Visual IVR as 10000400302.