All accounts are provided with the Zendesk integration application, but by default the application is disabled. To activate and use the application, you need to:

  • Enable the application in the Admin Console
  • Download and install the application from Zendesk's Apps Marketplace

Enabling the Application

The application is enabled from the Partner Applications page of the Admin Console.

To enable the Zendesk application:

  1. From the menu bar of the Admin Console, select Resources> Partner Applications.
    The Partner Applications page opens.

  2. Select the checkbox at the left side of the row of the Zendesk application.
    The Enable App button, at the upper right corner of the page, is enabled.

  3. Click Enable App.
    A confirmation popup opens.

  4. From the popup, click Yes.
    The Enable App button on the Partner Application page becomes disabled, and the Active checkbox (at the right side of the row of the Zendesk application) is automatically selected.
    In addition, on the Account Information page, the Zendesk Enabled checkbox is automatically selected.

Downloading and Installing Jacada Ticket Guidance
Ticket Guidance is downloaded and installed from the Zendesk Marketplace. The installation involves providing the following configuration settings:

To download and install Ticket Guidance:

  1. From the Partner Applications page of the Admin Console, verify that the Zendesk application is enabled and active.
  2. Log into Zendesk as an administrator.
  3. From the Apps Marketplace, click .
    Then, at the upper right corner of the Ticket Guidance page, click Install App.
    The Installation page opens.
  4. On the left side of the Installation page, enter the following settings in the appropriate fields:

    • Title: Name of the application. The default (placeholder) is Jacada Ticket Guidance.
    • Account Id: Your organization ID (displayed on the Account Information page).
    • Application Key: Application key for the Zendesk partner application (displayed on the Details page of the Zendesk application).
    • Interaction: Identifier of the Interaction to be displayed in the Zendesk portal. (The value is displayed on the Details page of the relevant Interaction.)
  5. Select the Enable role restrictions checkbox. Then, from the list that opens, select the group that is relevant to your JAS license type:

    • Trial license: Ticket Guidance will support up to 10 users. From the groups list, select Administrators (or any other group with 10 or fewer members).
    • Full license: Ticket Guidance will support the number of users for which your license has seats. From the groups list, select a group whose size is consistent with the number of licensed users in your account.

    Note: The number of seats accommodated by your license can be viewed on the License page (Max number of Agent connections per day setting).
    To obtain additional JAS licenses, please contact
  6. Click Install.
    The application is installed, and is listed on your Manage Apps page. In addition, the following icon (used to open the application) appears on the toolbar on the left side of the Zendesk Marketplace: