Clicking the link in the Name column of the Interactions List opens the Interaction's Details page. This page provides more detailed information about the selected Interaction.

The buttons at the upper right corner of the Interaction's Details page enable you to perform administrative actions on the Interaction. The buttons vary according to whether the Interaction is in Approved or Draft status.

This Interaction is in Draft status:

This Interaction is in Approved status: 

In addition to the information listed in the Interactions List, the Interaction's Details page provides the following data:

Column Description/Notes
Security Type The security type of the Interaction (Open or Secured) determines whether the Interaction is a protected resource. Secured Interactions can be accessed only by users who are authenticated against a 3rd party server.

For more details about authentication, refer to Authentication Overview.
Last Time Modified The date and time when Interaction details were last updated.
Modified By The username of the user who most recently modified Interaction details.
Author The designer who originally published the Interaction.
Interaction Id This string is used to access the Interaction in a browser. The string can be copied into a browser, or sent to another user.

Updating Interaction Details

The Edit button enables you to update the following details of an Interaction in Draft status:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Security Type

Note: Only Interactions in Draft status can be updated. To update the details of an Approved Interaction, you must first revert the Interaction to Draft status. For details, refer to Changing Interaction Status.

To modify Interaction details:

  1. In the upper right corner of the Interaction's Details page of the relevant Interaction, click Edit.
    The Name, Description, and Security Type parameters become editable.

  2. Update the editable parameters as required. Then, at the upper right corner of the page, click Save.
    A confirmation message is displayed, and changes are saved in the system.