A variable is an updatable element that can be used throughout the Interaction to store and retrieve values. Allocator elements are used to set data to variables. Variables are fundamental aspects of most Interactions, since their values can be retrieved and set throughout the Interaction.
The Interaction Designer supports the following kinds of variables:

  • User variables: Both key and value are user defined. For details, refer to User Variables.
  • System variables: The key is preconfigured by the system, and cannot be modified by the user. However, the value can be defined by the user. For details, refer to System Variables.
  • Read Only variables: A type of system variable that cannot be allocated with values by the designer. For details, refer to Read Only Variables.

System variables are also called interaction variables, and are defined in the Admin Console.
All available variable Interaction elements are listed in the Element Explorer pane of the Interaction Designer:

A variable should be used only to store data that matches its type.