The following Interaction elements are commonly used to display information:

  • Statement: Displays hard coded information.
  • Collection Display: Displays dynamic information that changes according to data that is returned from an external source.

This element type allows you to display information to the user in a formatted way. This enables you to share information with users, instead of simply collecting information from them. Statements can display images as well as text, and they have full access to the Interaction references, so information can be dynamic.

A Statement can be the collation of information and decisions that have been achieved so far in the Interaction. Statements are often used as a summary tool to allow users to reevaluate their responses, or to illustrate the outcome of the Interaction in user terminology.
The following scenarios illustrate uses of Statements in different environments:

  • Loan application Interaction: The Statement could summarize the loan application information obtained thus far, or provide a list of the next steps in the process.
  • Telemarketing Interaction: The Statement could be used to inform the representative to give the customer an important terms and conditions statement (which is embedded).
  • Self service portal Interaction: The Statement could show users a list of potential resolutions to their problem inquiry.

Defining Statements

Creating and modifying this Interaction element involves specifying parameters in the Statement Definition the dialog. To access this dialog, from the Insert menu, select Statement. Alternatively, from the Interaction Elements toolbar, click IconStatement, and then click inside the Interaction Map.

Reference name The name of the Interaction element. The name should be unique, so it can be used for referencing. The reference name appears only in Design view. It is not visible to users.
Display The text that users see on the screen. In the text, you can link in the value of other elements using references.
Page Title Title of the page displayed.