Capturing an Interaction involves retrieving an Interaction from the server, so it can be tested and modified. This feature is useful in environments where multiple designers are working on the same Interactions.

To capture an Interaction:

  1. From the Interaction menu, select Capture > Interaction.
    The Capture Interaction dialog appears.

  2. Search for the relevant Interaction, using one of the following techniques:
    • In the Search textbox, enter the name (or part of the name) of the Interaction that you want to capture. Then, click Find.
    • Click Find. Then, after the field below is populated, navigate to and select the Interaction you want to capture.

      Once an Interaction is selected, the following parameters are automatically displayed:
    • Interaction Description: Summary details available on the server. This description matches the description that was provided when the Interaction was published.
    • Version ID: Software version ID for the Interaction.
    • Date Modified: Date on which the Interaction was last modified.

  3. Click Capture.
    When the capture is complete, a confirmation message appears, and the captured Interaction is displayed in the Interaction Map.