Once an Interaction is published to the server an Interaction URL containing the direct path to the Interaction is created. This URL can be copied and sent to colleagues and users, incorporated into SMS messages, and so on. The Generate Short URL feature enables you to shorten the URL before copying it, so you can send a more friendly link that occupies less space on the user's device.

Note: Customers who have an on-premise installation need some additional integration to activate the Generate Short URL feature. For more information, click here.

When more than one version of an Interaction is published, Jacada Interaction Server provides the URL for only the version that is approved. If the version you are viewing in the Designer is not the approved version, an alert message is displayed when you request the Interaction URL.

To display the Interaction URL:

  1. Open the relevant Interaction in the Interaction Designer.
  2. From the Interaction menu, select Get Interaction Link.
    The Interaction Link popup opens.
  3. From the Run As dropdown list, select the required channel type. (The list displays all applications to which the Interaction is published.)

    The Interaction URL changes according to the channel type selected.
  4. If you select Web Self Service, from the Show As dropdown list, select Pop Over (default) or Full Page.

    The Interaction URL is updated accordingly.
  5. To shorten the URL, click Generate Short URL.
    The shortened URL is displayed in the Short URL field.
  6. Copy the Interaction URL, and distribute it as required.