Visual Interaction elements are components that are displayed to end users of the Interaction. They are generally used to obtain data from or provide information to the user.

Question Enables you to ask users for input by either selecting an option or entering information.
Form A set of options which with users can answer a given Question.
Choices A set of options which with users can answer a given Question.
Menu Used to display Choice elements in categories.
Statement Displays information to the user in a formatted way.
Collection Display Displays the items in a collection to the end user.

Note: For more general information about visual elements, refer to Designing Visual Elements.

Non-visual Interaction elements are components that are transparent to the end user, but affect the flow of the Interaction, or determine what data is displayed.

Allocator Used to assign the values of one or more variables at a particular step in your Interaction.
Client Event Generates an asynchronous event in the Interaction.
Decision Evaluates a set of conditions, and then sends the Interaction user in an appropriate direction based on its rules.
Formula Enables you to define required calculations or operations.
Integration Point Used to obtain and manipulate information contained in other applications and databases.
Email Enables an e-mail to be sent when the user reaches a certain screen, or when a particular business rule is evaluated.
Interaction Reference Used to embed a reference to another Interaction from within the current Interaction.