The Interaction Designer is a standalone application that enables designers to create, test and update workflow based Interactions. An Interaction is a step-by-step visual representation of a workflow. (For more information about Interactions, refer to Interactions: Structure and Life Cycle.)
Since using the Designer does not require any advanced programming skills, business analysts, system integrators and other non-developers can use the application to build required workflows. Interactions can be as complex as necessary, and can involve allocators, database communications, and other advanced elements.

In runtime, Interactions can be run in any of the following Jacada Interaction Server applications (according to the license of the user):

  • Agent Application: Designed for call center agents, who use the workflows while interacting with customers.
  • Mobile Web: Designed for customers accessing self service guided flows using their mobile devices.
  • Web Self Service: Designed for customers accessing self service guided flows using a browser.

The Designer is delivered with several sample Interactions, to serve as a reference and a starting point for customers in developing their own Interactions.

Note: For an overview and step-by-step instructions through the most common flows used when working with the Designer, refer to the Jacada Interaction Server Tutorials.

The following introductory topics present: